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If you paint timber commercially, you now have a choice unlike any you've ever had before. You can continue to protect and/or decorate your flooring, paneling, partitions and doors the way you always have. Apply the first coat. Wait 24 hours. Sand. Apply the second coat. Wait another 24 hours. Sand. Apply the third coat. And wait some more.

Or you can take advantage of an amazing new process developed by SpectraTechnology.

How it works - The timber is coated with a specifically formulated paint before moving into a recirculating (invisible) catalyst atmosphere at room temperature (⊇15°C). Here the wet coating absorbs molecules of catalyst and curing begins. Instead of 24 hours, SpectraKote™ takes just eight minutes to cure. Totally. (For a more thorough description of what happens during the SpectraKote process, please check out the Basic Theory and The Process pages.)

Kitchen Because SpectraKote produces highly cross-linked coatings with high solvent and abrasion resistance, you now have many new and economical options. What's more, the rapid increase in viscosity due to the polymerization of the coatings results in good gloss holdout and minimial fiber lift which, in turn, allows for easier sanding.

Your choice - 24 hours or eight minutes. Fiber lift or not. More opportunity for inclusions or much, much less. Wasting valuable space for air drying or finding a better use for it. Slow delivery times or response rates three times faster than your competition.

More info - If you would like more information about how SpectraTechnology can help your operation run a lot more efficiently, just click Contact Us to e-mail your questions.

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