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The revolutionary SpectraTechnology process described throughout this website was formulated by prominent Australian research chemist Alan McInnes. Following graduation from Sydney University with a B.Sc. in Organic and Physical Chemistry, Alan devoted some 50 years to looking for ways to improve surface coatings. Along the way he invented numerous paints, printing inks and technologies, patentind some and selling licences to major corporations in Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, London, Seoul, Modena, Detroit, Osaka and Copenhagen. His achievements were recognised with an Advance Australia Award in 1985 for "Outstanding Contribution in Australian Product Innovation."

However, it wasn't until he retired that Alan developed what he considered his crowning achievement, a process that could forever transform the way industries all over the world add color to their products.

So passionate was he about the incredible potential for this technology, Alan worked well into his 70s speading the word to industrial and political leaders, environmentalists and energy conservationists. In Australia and around the world. Tragically, Alan passed away before he could see SpectraTechnology adopted on a large scale.

But his dream lives on. Today, his two partners, marketer Graham Morrow and industrial chemist Arthur Bourne, continue to seek interest from companies across the globe that manufacture colored products made of glass, fiber cement, timber, metal and/or plastic.

Graham MorrowExecutive Chairman: Graham Morrow - A Queensland native, Graham brings 38 years of business experience in sales, marketing, operational and general management to SpectraTechnology. He began his career with the rail freight company QRX selling expanded services to both existing clients and new business. Brambles Group took notice and employed Graham to implement a sales culture into their Cleanaway waste division in Brisbane. His success in this role led to a position as State Manager of Brambles' Victorian security group where he led a staff of 370 employees.

He was lured back to Queensland to become General Manager of Statewide Communications, a paging service provider and retailer of telecom equipment. When the business was sold to Voicecall, Graham moved on to form his own company, Graham Morrow & Associates Pty Ltd with offices in Brisbane and Bundaberg. For more than 10 years he advised companies on how best to manage and grow their businesses. His clients ran the gamut from professional organisations and primary producers to traded service groups, small businesses and government instrumentalities. Among the larger companies were BHP, Shell and Australia Post.

His role with us involves interfacing and building strong relationships with our stakeholders. It is up to Graham to ensure we not only maintain effective levels of service and communication to our various clients but that we also develop and implement sales tactics to meet growth targets.

Arthur BourneTechnical Director: Arthur Bourne, B.Sc. - Arthur has a degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of New South Wales and 22 years business experience in laboratory R&D as well as technical, product and general management. While a chemist at Wattyl he formulated many commercial products now considered industry standards. As a Technical Manager, he liaised with top international companies in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and India. In his role as Product Manager for Polycure Pty Ltd, Arthur helped lift the profile of the company from minor supplier to major player with sales climbing from $30K per month to $200K. With Bottle Magic he set up a fully operational bottle coloring plant and created almost 400 different formulations, gaining interest in his UV protective coatings from Carlsberg, Heineken and Interbrew.

Recognition of Arthur's talents and abilities has come in the form of Australian Packaging Industry Awards for Innovation in 1999 and 2001, election to the Committee of OCCAA (now SCAA), a position as lecturer at Meadowbank Technical College and numerous invitations to speak at technical conferences and seminars.

He is a clear thinker, good with people and an excellent communicator, so he should have little trouble training others to get the most from SpectraTechnology. In fact, over the years Arthur has commissioned production lines in the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia.

Christopher MorrowInternational Business Development: Christopher Morrow - Based in Aspen, Colorado, Chris is our man in America. He brings to the table more than 20 years of project management experience, both locally and internationally, working on jobs ranging in worth from $150,000 to $16 million. Everything from one-of-a-kind, up-market residences to retail shops, hotels, resorts and even a distillery. It has been his responsibility to orchestrate detailed elements of their management; direct sub-contractors including designers, architects and engineers; schedule products and materials; maintain critical time lines and constantly monitor budgets.

Chris has been involved with SpectraTechnology since 2005 and was appointed a director in May 2012. Using his well-honed technical expertise and construction management skills, he contacts potential investors, puts together highly detailed proposals and answers a raft of very specific questions.

Away from the business world, Chris channels his strong work ethic and sense of fair play into a variety of passionate activities, including rugby, adventure racing, golf and skiing.

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